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Our all-consuming lives can be full of ambition, dreams, and regrets. These thoughts can fuel varying degrees of feelings; anxiety, fear, pride, and shame, to name a few. But what if we took a minute and thoughtfully draw conclusions about our lives and realize the value of not taken everything we do so seriously.

Our Drama

Humans have a way of exaggerating the drama in our lives to levels of extreme intensity. We place so much emphasis on the struggle, our conversations, actions, and minds are wrapped up in the concept of fighting for our lives. …

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I’m here to tell you that everything you’ve ever heard about your potential and how much you can accomplish is nothing but a happy little lie. Yep, everyone’s in on it. Everyone’s living the same strange fantasy. Well, here’s your wake-up call, potential is a false prophet.

“Potential just means you ain’t done it yet.” — Darrell Royal

Wasted Youth

Many of us spend our youth hearing about our potential or lack thereof. My opinion is that anyone who shares any sentiment involving potential is misguided. Potential is an illusory ability, untapped, so to speak. The problem with this so-called potential is…

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Things to Stop Doing Now

I’ve been witness to all of these, and I’ve been guilty of most. What we consistently do defines the person we are. Plain and simple, the ugly truth for some of us is that the habits we’ve created over time are creating a tidal wave of burden, complacency, and distraction from all the goals and aspirations we covet. Below are some of the habits that I believe cause the majority of our problems.

Staring at Your Phone

How much time can we continue to be consumed by our mobile devices? Will history look back on us and shake its head at our obsession, or…

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Rid Yourself of Stress & Anxiety

I know many people who feel trapped and are suffering. I’ve felt that way myself at certain points in my life. But there are tell-tale signs and ways to combat the lingering effects of suffering that turn into a mental trap. Below, I’ve identified several different areas where we circumvent our own success and solutions to help you break your self-made prison.


You don’t have nearly as much control as you think, but you still want it. It’s a vicious cycle when we focus on the things outside of our control; it’s a no-win…

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The month of February was a trial in writing for me. For quite some time I’ve dabbled on Medium and had modest success with my articles. But at the end of 2020, I wanted to become more focused on my craft and invest in myself. I follow quite a few writers on Medium several of which I read regularly John P Weiss, Ayodeji Awosika, Ryan Holiday, and Anthony Moore to name some of my favorites. I strive to meet the content and consistency these writers produce. …

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A Journey to Better

Our modern, technologically advanced lives seem to be full of obligations and multitasking. Even when we aren’t fulfilling commitments, we seem to find things to keep ourselves busy. In this mode of trying to stay occupied, we seem to worry and feel anxiety when there’s nothing left to do. This hyper-connected world we live in has us always thinking, “What else?” Our personal and professional lives aren’t about what we are doing but what we aren’t doing or what we’re missing. Well, for all of us that fall into this never-ending cycle there’s something we are missing…relief. …

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Success Can Happen Now

The adage “actions speak louder than words” is somewhat fitting for living the life we desire. We spend much of our lives talking or dreaming about all the things we want our life to be. For some, the mere thought is enough to satisfy; for others, our ambition is for something greater. Ambition without action does us no good. Today, we’re going to stop talking, stop dreaming, and take our destiny into our own hands.

“Got an idea to start,” “Thinking to start,” and “Making a commitment to start” is one aspect of life. Actually, “Starting” what you truly want…

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We don’t intend to cause ourselves unnecessary anxiety or stress, but we can’t help it sometimes. Many of us have learned coping skills that are counterproductive when we look at the long-term effects. These techniques may seem like a good idea and at times feel necessary, but they aren’t. Realizing when we’re doing these self-destructive habits can help us understand when to refocus or just let go to find the peace we covet.

1. Faking Happiness

It is not necessary to fake a smile or act like life is great when it’s not. The term “fake it until you make it” is generally…

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My routine in the morning used to be sporadic; it changed at the whim of my sleep from the night before or the contrast of the temperature outside to under my covers. But over the last few years, I’ve developed a routine that allows me peace, productivity, and appreciation all before most people are getting started with their day. Here are a few of the things I’ve found helpful when starting my day.

Getting Up Early

What time you get up is relative to your schedule; however, the benefits I believe can be tremendous. Personally, I get up at 5 am every morning…

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Minimalism has been somewhat of a trend of late. But what does it mean to take on this type of lifestyle? What are the benefits of getting rid of a lot of your things? Is the pursuit of reducing just a look, or does it have substance behind it?

1. Less Time Cleaning & Organizing

When we get rid of the clutter, we make organizing less daunting. Cleaning the house isn’t the epic conquest it once was. Everything you own has a rightful place, instead of things being stuck in drawers, closets, or the dreaded Tupperware-type containers that “help” you organize.

“Your home is living space…

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